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Dried Plums In The News


In December 2015, the California Dried Plum Board Nutrition Advisory Panel learned about an exciting new research study featuring prunes and space. 


I like a good prune. I mean, when it’s soft and sweaty like a candy bar on a hot day. When it’s a sinister Disney-villain shade of brownish purple, and it tastes of nothing but honey and caramel, what’s not to like? It’s the word that no one likes, the word that indicates, to so many Americans, constipated octogenarians praying on spoonfuls of paste.

Recent Press Releases

New Study Adds to Ongoing Research that Dried Plums Bone-Preserving Effects Seen with One Daily Serving of Dried Plums

Sacramento, Calif. (March 10, 2016) - One in two women and up to one in four men over age 50 will break a bone in their lifetime due to osteoporosis.[1] While bone health may not top the list of common health concerns, the risk is real. In fact, for women, the chance of breaking a hip is equal to her combined risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer.1 Various lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise, can help to prevent osteoporosis, which is actually not considered a normal part of aging. And new research, published in Osteoporosis International, highlights the important role that one specific fruit - dried plums (prunes) - might play in strengthening bones.

New Studies Presented at Experimental Biology 2016 Highlight Potential Health Benefits

San Diego, CA – (April 4, 2016) – New research presented this week at Experimental Biology 2016 (EB 2016) expands on the current body of evidence supporting the link between dried plums (prunes) and bone health in post-menopausal women, and the effect of dried plums on reducing colon cancer risk in an animal model. The findings align with previous studies that have discovered dried plums’ benefits on both bone and colon health.