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California Dried Plum Board Launches “Super Snacking” Sweepstakes

SAN FRANCISCO – JANUARY 10, 2012 – The California Dried Plum Board is partnering with Gold Medalist and World Champion Swimmer Natalie Coughlin for the third year in a row to launch the “Super Snacking” sweepstakes.

Coughlin is a go-to source for nutrition and fitness-related topics, regularly sharing her training tips, healthy recipes and snacking ideas to help others adopt the “peak performance” lifestyle.  California Dried Plums are one of her favorite ways to add superfruit nutrition to her food choices–and as a way to get the energy she needs for her intense training regimen.

“California Dried Plums are one of my favorite healthy snacks–I often recommend them to my family, friends, teammates and coaches,” says Coughlin.  “They’re also a versatile flavor accent that can enhance both sweet and savory dishes.”

As an avid cook, Natalie creates signature recipes that incorporate California Dried Plums–in addition to her own fresh, home-grown produce–to boost flavor and nutritional benefits.  Her latest creations include Indonesian Fried Rice and Sautéed Kale with Dried Plums and Coconut, which are perfect for a weeknight dinner and leftovers the next day at work for lunch.  Both dishes incorporate nutrient-dense dried plums with other good-for-you ingredients, providing the perfect fuel for your body.

The “Super Snacking” sweepstakes began December 15, 2011, and will run through March 15, 2012, providing one lucky winner with a $1,000 grocery gift card to supplement their own healthy snacking routine.  Please visit for more information regarding California Dried Plums, Natalie’s recipes–and to enter for a chance to win the “Super Snacking” sweepstakes!  And don’t forget to “Like” us at

Natalie Coughlin is a paid spokesperson for the California Dried Plum Board.

About Natalie Coughlin

Coughlin, who is represented by Octagon, is the most decorated female athlete of both the 2008 Beijing Games and 2004 Athens Games.  Coughlin has won a medal in every single Olympic event that she has ever entered, for a total of 11 Olympic medals. 

In 2008, she became the first American female athlete to win six medals in one Olympiad, in addition to becoming the first woman to win consecutive individual Olympic gold medals in the 100m backstroke.  She is also the most decorated female swimmer in World Championship history, with 16 medals.

About California Dried Plums

California Dried Plums are a sensational superfruit due to their unique plant compounds (phytonutrients) not commonly found in other fruits, which translates into unique health benefits.  They contain important vitamins and minerals, including some B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, boron, phytonutrients that function as antioxidants and fiber.  California Dried Plums help individuals achieve good digestive health, support immune function and bone health.  In addition, this nutrient-dense dried fruit’s plant-based compounds (polyphenols) may delay glucose absorption, inhibit LDL cholesterol oxidation and protect against heart disease and cancer.