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California Prunes are enjoyed around the world!

California Prunes are enjoyed around the world. Explore the diverse cultural, historical importance and popularity of California Prunes internationally.

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Fun Facts

Prunes with pits are preferred by most Chinese individuals and they do not spit the pit out immediately after eating the dried fruit. This action is recommended by doctors because moving the pit constantly in your mouth will increase facial movement and consequently soften facial muscles, allowing them to relax.

Popular Snacks or Uses

During the summer, parts of China can become very hot, humid and rainy. The mint flavored prune is a popular summertime snack. It provides consumers with a refereshing cool feeling that is truly welcomed.

California Prunes in China are most commonly identified as a healthy snack and loved by people of all ages. Currently, consumers have noticed the merits of this mini bodied fruit. An individual package of prunes is preferred because it can easily be enjoyed on-the-go.

The love of beauty is an essential part of human nature. Prune extract is now a widely used main ingredient in health and beauty products. Dietary fiber and antioxidants in California Prunes play a role in slimming and anti-aging products in China. These products are often sought after by young women.

Local Events

Elements Restaurant of Beijing Hilton Hotel, featured California Prune dishes at a recent dinner buffet. The sweet taste and fragrance of California Prunes were perfectly utilized in a wide selection of dishes, from starters and soups to main dishes and desserts.

Cultural or Historical Significance

Sina Weibo is an online social network similar to Twitter, with more than 300 million users in China. The California Prune Board is a verified user on Sina Weibo and keeps fans up to date with the latest information about California Prunes, as well as current activities targeted towards consumers. California Prunes also won over Weibo fans after a recent online promotion.

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