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California Prunes are enjoyed around the world!

California Prunes are enjoyed around the world. Explore the diverse cultural, historical importance and popularity of California Prunes internationally.

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Fun Facts

Are you superstitious? According to a popular Italian interpretation of dreams (named "Smorfia,"  which links dreams to numbers), dreaming of prunes means that you'll experience some unexpected delays. In this case, the number you would bet on at the lottery is 84. Good luck!

Popular Snacks or Uses

There are a wealth of popular and tasty snacks sold on the Italian market that contain prunes as an ingredient. For example, prune-flavored yogurt and prune bars make for a great addition to your breakfast, or a delicious mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack.

Local Events

Most Italians love prunes and eat them as part of their healthful diet. It is a true reflection of the Italians passion for good food that high quality California Prunes have been on Italian retail shelves for many years.

To remind those who have not tried them for a while or who need an introduction to the taste sensation that is California Prunes, the Italian board participates in many promotional activites across Italy, including: sampling at the Milan Marathon, Giro D'italia ( Italy's Tour De France)  as well as participating in Italian TV cooking shows that included U.S. chefs flying to Rome to teach Thanksgiving cooking ,which was attended by the U.S. ambassador to Italy.

Cultural or Historical Significance

In Italy, prunes are cultivated specifically in certain regions, such as Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Trentino and Campania. In Trentino, there is a folk custom of serving plum-flavored grappa (a typical local spirit) with a whole prune inside the glass.