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California Prunes are enjoyed around the world!

California Prunes are enjoyed around the world. Explore the diverse cultural, historical importance and popularity of California Prunes internationally.

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Ukraine Flag Ukraine

Fun Facts

Maria Burmaka, a popular Ukrainian singer, doesn’t trust anyone but herself to cook borshch. She inherited the recipe from her grandmother and has since introduced certain innovative techniques by adding prunes when the bowl is boiling over with the fragrant red soup.

Popular Snacks or Uses

Dried fruits are a part of Ukrainians' daily diets. Prunes are used in many confectionery items, for example, Ukrainian Prune Torte.

Local Events

Ukraine is a new market for the California Prune industry, with promotions only taking place over the past few years. The market has opened up to the quality of California Prunes and Ukrainians see them as a premium product.

Cultural or Historical Significance

The monteray unit of present-day Ukraine is Hryvnia and it has only been the currency in Ukraine since the early 1990's, as a result of their independence from Russia.

Independence Day for Ukraine is the main holiday in current Ukraine, celebrated on August 24th in commemroration of the Declaration of Independence of 1991.