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California Prunes are enjoyed around the world!

California Prunes are enjoyed around the world. Explore the diverse cultural, historical importance and popularity of California Prunes internationally.

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Fun Facts

Recently described as a "discreetly helpful fruit," in a press article--alluding to its digestive health capabilities--the plump and portly California Prune is a Brit favorite. Taken to the heart, like a cuddle from the inside, a consistent upward trend in retail sales futher shows the Brits' love for the prune.

Popular Snacks or Uses

While the U.K. is still learning how versatile prunes can be as a culinary ingredient, the nation relishes the California Prune's role as a snack with gusto. Recipe trends tend to focus on the prune as a dessert, with firm favorites including a prune and chocolate brownie, prune pancakes, prune muffins and a very traditional British classic pudding; the trifle. 

Local Events

At a recent food festival on the banks of the River Thames in London, a local ice-cream maker sold out of his California Prune speciality ice cream.

Cultural or Historical Significance

Eating a varied and balanced diet--based largely on adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, essential fats, high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and water--is the best way to ensure a balanced mood and feeling of well-being. Snacking on California Prunes may contribute to improving  mental, emotional and physical well-being when included in a healthy and balanced diet, supported by other fruit, raw vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, lean meat and oily fish.