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Canned or bottled juice is prepared from a water extract of dried plums and contains not less than 18.5% by weight of water-soluble solids extracted from dried plums. Juice concentrate has been shown to be an effective "natural" mold inhibitor in bread, while providing the added benefits of natural color, improved flavor, and better texture. Juice may contain one or more optional acidifying ingredients-lemon or lime juice or citric acid-in a quantity sufficient to render the food slightly tart. It may also contain honey in a quantity not less than two percent or more than three percent by weight, and may contain vitamin C, not less than 30 milligrams or more than 50 milligrams per 6 oz. serving of the finished food.

Juice concentrate is a viscous form of juice, packed at a 70 degree brix minimum, except for higher brix packs for export shipments or on special orders. No preservatives are added to juice concentrate as the 70 degree brix level product is self preserving. The weight of 70 degree brix concentrate is 11.25 pounds per gallon (1.348 kg. per liter).

Some dried plum and fresh plum juice and concentrates can be used in meat and poultry applications to retain moisture, suppress the growth of some pathogens and extend shelf life.

Dried plum (Prune) juice Description:    Canned or bottled dried plum (prune) juice. Contains not less than 18.5% by weight of water-soluble dried plum solids.
Moisture Range:    18.5% min.
Packaging:    Glass:12/16 oz., 12/32 oz., 12/40 oz. Tins: 4/6/5-1/2 oz., 6/48 oz., 8/6/5-1/2 oz., 24/12 oz., 12/46 oz., 6/No. 10.
Product Use:    Beverages
Dried plum (Prune) juice concentrate Description:    Viscous form of dried plum juice. No preservatives added.
Moisture Range:    70° brix
Packaging:    5 gal. pails, 58 lbs. gross wt. 55 lbs. net wt., 55 gal. drums
Product Use:    Mold inhibitor in baked goods. Retains moisture in pre-cooked meats. Can be injected into whole muscle meats. Inhibitor of foodborne pathogens/ oxidation.
Fresh plum juice concentrate Description:    Concentrate made from juice from mature fresh plums
Moisture Range:    70° brix
Packaging:    55 gal. drums frozen, 40 lb. aseptic bag-in-box.
Product Use:    Bakery products, syrups/toppings juice blends, meat/poultry sauces/marinades, snack foods/ energy bars Can be injected into whole muscle meats. Inhibitor of foodborne pathogens/ oxidation.


* Note: Juice concentrates can have varying levels of acidity, viscosity and brix/solids levels.

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