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Digestion Health Facts

Digestive problems are on the rise and affecting American pocketbooks and lifestyles. Digestive problems include heartburn, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and nausea. Over the counter medication, prescription medication and doctor visits can get expensive. Consumers' social lives are suffering too. People often skip parties or miss out on leisure activities because of poor digestive health.

Consumers are growing more concerned about digestive health, according to a recent MarketTools, Inc. survey conducted on behalf of the California Dried Plum Board (CDPB). The survey queried a representative sample of more than one thousand U.S. adults to determine their knowledge and awareness about digestive health. According to the survey, more than 50 percent have grown more concerned about their digestive health in the past two years. And a solid 80 percent feel it's important to improve their body's digestive health, although, they're not doing much about it.

Consumers Don't Consider Food Choices

Healthy Food ChoicesUnfortunately, consumers apparently do not consider their food choices or other behavior to be important ways to improve their digestive health. The MarketTools, Inc survey reported that more than 50 percent say they don't engage in specific behaviors to improve their digestive health. Only a quarter of respondents consider the impact food choices have on their digestive health on a regular basis. Despite this, the survey indicates that nearly half of the respondents believe that dried plums are one of the best foods for digestive health. This reveals a major gap between consumers' concerns and behavior in maintaining good digestive health.

National Survey Finds Digestive Health problems Widespread Among Travelers

Registered Dietitian Leslie Bonci Offers On-The-Go Food Solutions
A recent survey by CondéNet, an online division of Condé Nast Publications, and the California Dried Plum Board, has found that digestive health issues are widespread among travelers. A majority suffer digestive health problems when traveling:

  • More than three-quarters (77 percent) of travelers surveyed report at least occasional digestive health problems while traveling.
  • Nearly half (42 percent) report constipation problems while traveling.
  • Approximately 20 percent of all travelers attribute their digestive health problems to eating poorly while on the road - more often than other factors, such as not enough sleep, too much stress and being dehydrated.
  • Nearly one-third (30 percent) of people deal with their digestive health issues by taking an over-the-counter medicine. In fact, this was the most popular remedy cited by all respondents.
  • Only 9 percent report "eating more fruits and vegetables" as the method they use to combat digestive health problems on the road.
  • Only 6 percent report "changing my diet" as the method they use to combat digestive health problems on the road.

To read the full report and learn more about taking care of digestive health on the road and at home, please click here to access the full release.