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Welcome Tummywise Visitors. All of the great content from the Tummywise site has now been incorporated in the California Dried Plums site.

Health Professionals

The California Dried Plum Board supports nutrition research to discover, characterize and/or quantify nutrient and non-nutrient components and health promoting functions of dried plums/products.  The Nutrition Research Program works directly with scientists at major research institutions to develop the objective research database to support credible consumer and health professional communications programs and marketing efforts.  The Nutrition Advisory Panel helps maintain the scientific integrity and credibility of the Nutrition Research Program, evaluates current research activities, develops the research agenda, reviews proposals, assists in dissemination of research results, and helps identify key contacts to leverage research. 

Objectives of the Nutrition Research Program include:

  • To discover the presence, bioavailability, quantity and functions of phytonutrients in dried plums and dried plum products
  • To discover new or expanded roles for dried plums/prunes in digestive health and bone loss due to aging.
  • To support consumer public relations efforts targeted to healthy women motivated by wellness
  • To build awareness about dried plums’ role in health promotion among health professionals, media and other health/nutrition influencers.