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Phenolic Composition of Dried Plums

Chart of Phenolic Composition of Dried Plums

Compound Name Mean Concentration (mg/kg) Pitted Dried Plums
Neochlorogenic acid* 1306
Coumaroylquinic acid* 15
Catechin ND
Chlorogenic acid 436
Caffeic acid 9
Epicatechin ND
Coumaric acid 10
Other cinnamates* 24
Rutin 33
Other flavonols* 9
Other flavan-3-ols ND
Anthocyanins ND
Total 1840

Source: Donovan, J.L., Meyer, A.S. and Waterhouse, A.L. "Phenolic Composition and In-Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Prunes and Prune Juice." Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (April, 1998).

*Neochlorogenic acid is reported in chlorogenic acid equivalents, coumaroylquinic in coumaric acid equivalents, "other cinnamates" in caffeic acid equivalents and "other flavonols" in rutin equivalents.

ND = not detected, less than 3 mg/kg prune.