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Braised Chicken Agrodolce with Dried Plums

Dried plums, cinnamon and red pepper give this braised chicken dish a Moroccan flavor. Serve with rice pilaf or couscous, and a crisp green salad.

Prep Time  20 min. Cook Time  1 hour 15 min. Serves  6 Rating  

Chicken Thigh Cutlets Stuffed with Olive-and-Dried-Plum Tapenade

A unique twist on the prune purée helps keep chicken moist and adds a touch of natural sweetness.

Prep Time  20 min. Cook Time  1 hour Serves  8 Rating  

Creamy Risotto with Dried Plums

Add spinach and dried plums to creamy risotto for a dish that's great all on its own or to accompany roast chicken or pork.

Prep Time  10 minutes Cook Time  30 minutes Serves  6 Rating  

Dried Plum Ravioli with Sage Butter

This elegant recipe is worth the preparation.

Prep Time  20 Minutes Cook Time  10 Minutes Serves  4-6 Rating  

Italian Dried Plum Red Wine Vinaigrette

The mustard and shallots in this vinaigrette make it the perfect complement for more strongly flavored salad greens like arugala or watercress.

Prep Time  5 minutes Cook Time   Serves  20 Rating  

Penne with Dried Plums, Radicchio & Walnuts

The combination of sweet onions and dried plums is wonderful with radicchio and toasted walnuts in this winter pasta dish. Whole wheat penne adds fiber as well as flavor.

Prep Time  10 minutes Cook Time  20 minutes Serves  6 Rating  

Reduced-Fat Gorgonzola Pasta with Dried Plums & Pecans

Use whole-wheat penne for added fiber and flavor. Gorgonzola and dried plums make a satisfying alternative to tomato sauce.

Prep Time  5 minutes Cook Time  20 minutes Serves  2 Rating  

Risotto with California Dried Plums and Radicchio

When having  friends over, we suggest  stirring things up with  a creamy risotto with arugula, radicchio and just the right touch of fruity sweetness from California Dried Plums. This easy, elegant recipe is sure to be a winner at your house, too.

Prep Time  10 minutes Cook Time  12 minutes Serves  6 Rating  

Sausage & Dried Plum Ragu with Pasta

Simmer turkey sausage with tomatoes, dried plums and basil and serve over penne for a pasta dish that's hearty, yet low in fat.

Prep Time  15 minutes Cook Time  25 minutes Serves  6 Rating  

Warm Farro & Cannellini Bean Salad with Dried Plums & Crispy Prosciutto

Italian whole wheat berries and cannellini beans add fiber and protein to this salad. It's good as a first course or on a buffet.

Prep Time  15 minutes Cook Time  25 minutes Serves  6 Rating  
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