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Welcome Tummywise Visitors. All of the great content from the Tummywise site has now been incorporated in the California Dried Plums site.

About Us

California Dried Plum Board

The State of California has had in effect since 1952 a Marketing Order for California Dried Plums that directs many of the activities associated with our products. The California Dried Plum Board represents 900 dried plum growers and 27 dried plum packers under the authority of the Secretary of Food and Agriculture.  Revered as part of California’s rich history, the dried plum remains a vital player in California’s economic wealth.  California produces 99 percent of the United States’ and 43 percent of the world’s supply of dried plums, a convenient, healthy snack for today’s busy lifestyle.

The California Dried Plum Board directs and manages activities in four areas of effort:

  1. Advertising, public relations and sales promotion
  2. Market research
  3. Production, processing and nutrition research
  4. Education

California Dried Plum Board membership is composed of 22 members with the following representation from the industry:

  1. Seven members are dried plum handlers/packers/processors
  2. Fourteen members are dried plum producers/growers
  3. One member is from the non-industry public

Mission of the Board

The mission of the California Dried Plum Board is to protect and support the health, growth and integrity of the California Dried Plum industry. This is facilitated by the following activities:

  • Generic Promotion: Communicate differentiated benefits and encourage large-scale acceptance of California Dried Plums. This includes both U.S. and international programs that encompass advertising, sales promotion, public relations and education.
  • Research: This includes market research for measurement; production and processing research to improve grower efficiency and product quality; and nutrition research to identify positioning opportunities and value messages.
  • Trade Policy: Protect the interests of the California Dried Plum industry globally through coordination with the trade, consumers and government agencies.
  • Issues Management: Protect the health of the industry by keeping it apprised of issues that could impact it and being prepared for crisis management in an emergency.
Please note that the California Dried Plum Board is a recipient of Market Access Program (MAP) funds from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation and marital or family status. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact Donn Zea at (916) 565-6232.