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California Prunes are enjoyed around the world!

California Prunes are enjoyed around the world. Explore the diverse cultural, historical importance and popularity of California Prunes internationally.

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Fun Facts

In Japan, prunes–which are sold door-to-door in a paste form–are considered as a delicacy with vital skin and hair enhancing properties.

Popular Snacks or Uses

A major Japanese snack manufacturer, Tohato, recently launched a new prune cookie called “All Prune” as a limited edition product in February 2013. The prunes are sandwiched between yogurt flavored dough, then stretched to retain moisture for baking. (Contains 14 pieces / 160 JPY)

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Local Events

The popularity of baking at home has risen due to economic stagnancy, as well as an increased availability of at home baking equipment. People who enjoy baking at home tend to purchase their ingredients sparingly in order to avoid carrying heavy bags. On-line shopping sites specialized for home cooks have in turn become very popular. This retail sector offers potential growth for California Prunes and three major sites have been selected to conduct tie-in sales promotions:

  • Cotta: Famous cooking bloggers promote California Prunes to Cotta's 167,000 shoppers.
  • Tomizawa: More than 30 outlets nationwide support an on-line promotion for California Prunes.
  • CUOKA: 200,000 shoppers are targeted with a promotion for California Prunes.

Cultural or Historical Significance

The image of prunes among the Japanese isn't just related to their daily diet, but also beauty regimen. Cosmetic companies use the extracted substance of prunes as a beauty ingredient for skin moisturizing and brightening. Even shampoos and hair conditioners contain prunes, too!